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The systematic measurement of weather- and environmental data require not only reliable recording but also practice-oriented output to appropriate processing systems.

The Thies-Datalogger DL 15 fulfil this requirement convincingly. The compact instrument is battery-supplied with exchangeable storage battery. An internal buffer battery provides for the preservation of data and the time while the battery is changed. The memory capacity of 256 kB is designed also for long measuring periods and high data volume. A sturdy close-locking stainless-steel housing protects the instrument against weather influences, electro-magnetic fields and other outside interferences. Easy and safe mounting with two fixing straps. There are 5 digital- and 10 analogue inputs available for the connection of different measuring value transmitters. The sensor query and the data recording is carried out in selectable cycle ranging from 1 second to 60 minutes resp. 1 minute to 60 minutes, resp. 1 minute to 24 hours. For data reducing mean- or sum values are formed as well as extreme values which are stored each in a ring memory along with date and time. The Thies-Datalogger DL 15 allows the connection of several sensors for fulfilling different measuring tasks.

Easy operating

Three buttons and one liquid crystal display are all you need for handling the DL 15, i.e. for the data receipt and query of the operating state. All functions of the internal software are menu-controlled. For recalling the data no expertise or special know-how is necessary, which is an essential advantage for the requirement of job-practice.

Data transfer

The stored data can be read-out from the Datalogger DL 15 by 2 different methods for further processing:


In the fields of meteorology, science and, among other things, of air traffic control high-precision Thies-instruments are being used already for many years for the measurement and interpretation of weather data. Today, the measurement of relevant environmental data is necessary in nearly all municipal disposal companies. Moreover, the requirements of environmental protection in the field of industry depend on practice-oriented instruments for acquisition and analysing of these data. This applies also for the experts of the weather services, in the fields of forestry and agriculture, the water management, in the technical control as well as in numerous other ranges.

Battery powered

The Datalogger DL 15 can be installed in any area, far away from electrical supply.Solarpanel The unit is normally powered by an exchangeable storage battery. A solar panel can be connected for autonomous re-charging of battery; the panel also keeps the battery charged.
The stored data are saved separately in an internal RAM. All elements of the DL 15 are safely placed in the compact stainless-steel housing. Thus, a maximum safety in operation is guaranteed even in case of long-term, uncontrolled use.

The internal software of the DL15 is menu-controlled; therefore, the access to the stored data and the recall of time and date as well as the setting of the query- and memory cycle are without any problem. Processing of measuring values, analyzing and graphic display is carried out by our software package MEVIS. So, a practice-oriented data-display according to individual requirements is possible. The data are available as ASCII-files also for the processing and analysis by standard PC-                                        programs.


Basic Configuration
  • Weather-proof stainless-steel housing
  • battery operation
  • 5 digital measuring value inputs
  • 10 analogue measuring value inputs
  • LC-display, double-space with 16 characters
  • ring memory with 256 kB
  • real-time clock with calendar
  • integrated charge controller
  • variable query intervals
  • variable memory cycles
  • interface RS 232

Solar panel: for automatic recharging of the battery in field use

charge controller: for connection of solar panel